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Create a new account

From the Welcome screen use the Edit / Create Accounts link to view a full list of accounts and add new ones.

Account overview

The main screen lists all accounts by claimant currently setup on the system, use the Select link to open the account and view the details.

The filters are drop downs on username and / or account type this is expense, credit card, advance or debit card. Use the Refresh button to update the list based on the fiters selected.

Add new button

To create a new account use the Add new button.

Use the drop down to select the Account type

Use the drop down to select the username to whom the account will be assigned. This is used for all accounts except petty cash as they are seen be all claimants.

Use the Currency drop down to select the currency for the account.

The Account name field is free text and the description will be seen by the claimant when selecting this account.

Description allows any additional information relating to the account to be entered.

The Reference field is also free text, however, if the account needs to be matched to a credit or debit card number this field should match the format of the card number in the import file as that is how the system will try to match.

Add new account

This section allows account codes to be stored against the account type usually for interfacing into the finance system if required.

Finally, use the Save button to store the entered details. this account will then become available to the claimant.

Add new account

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